About Reiter Trading

We’re here to help

We’ve spent the last decade helping our suppliers and customers grow their businesses. We’re passionate about the industry and about ensuring the success of our partners. Please reach out so we can discuss how Reiter can help you!

Company History

Reiter Trading (originally Reiter Scientific Consulting) was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing straight forward, high quality, reasonably priced and commercially viable technical guidance to biofuel producers and feedstock renderers.

By 2009 it was clear that our network of clients now needed assistance buying quality product, and selling product in a financially secure manner. In 2016, the trading branch of Reiter Scientific was formally spun off in to the Reiter Trading division so as to more clearly differentiate between the trading and consulting services offered.

A message from our founder

I have always believed that to be a long-term trader, in any industry, that one must follow a moral code. While some trading decisions are difficult, a few are simple and fundamental enough to deserve absolute adherence.

  • A legitimate trader, regardless of size, does not buy or sell on excessive leverage. The role of a trader is to improve market liquidity and transaction security. All trading behavior to the contrary is unfit to be called trading.
  • An honest trader does not purchase material from, or sell material to, entities known to be involved fraud, theft, or actions detrimental to a healthy and fairly priced oil market.
  • A reasonable trader settles all disputed based on logic, data, and established trade rules.

So long as I am privileged enough to lead this company, I will continue seeking to make us the most legitimate, honest, and reasonable trading option available to customers within our service area. It is my strong belief that these practices are the foundation of our past and future success. — Kristof Reiter