Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sell fat, oil, or grease to Reiter Trading?

Please simply give us a call at 888-428-5617 and press 1 for the trading department. If you are inquiring after hours please fill out our easy contact form.

How can I buy fat, oil, or grease from Reiter Trading?

Please simply give us a call at 888-428-5617 and press 1 for the trading department. If your are inquiring after hours please fill out our easy contact form.

What are the Reiter Trading hours of operation?

The trading department is open Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Mountain Standard Time and can be reached by dialing 888-428-5617 Ext. 1.

The logistics department is open Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Mountain Standard Time and can be reached by dialing 888-428-5617 Ext. 4

EMERGENCY AFTER-HOURS ASSISTANCE is available by dialing 888-428-5617 Ext. 0. If an agent does not answer immediately, please stay on the line and to leave a message.

How does scheduling work?

Whether you are vendor to Reiter Trading, or a customer, our logistics department can and will tailor our scheduling protocols to work with your unique facility requirements.

Can I lock in forward pricing on fat, oil, and grease through Reiter Trading?

Reiter Trading offers forward contracts with a variety of expiration dates. Please call the trading department at 888-428-5617 Ext. 1 to discuss forward pricing with an experience FOG trader.

Can I structure a long-term indexed price through Reiter Trading?

Reiter Trading offers short and long term formula/indexed contracts. Please call the trading department at 888-428-5617 Ext. 1 to discuss the best pricing structures for your business.

Can I attain a long-term fixed price through Reiter Trading?

Long-term fixed price hedging strategies are available through Reiter Trading. Please speak with a senior trader regarding complex hedging strategies and hedged contract execution by calling 888-428-5617 Ext. 1.

What should I expect when I SELL fat, oil, or grease to Reiter Trading?

Reiter trading is committed to creating well documented, easily understood, flawlessly executed, financially secure trades. From start to finish, we have you covered.

What should I expect when I buy fat, oil, or grease from Reiter Trading?

When you buy from Reiter Trading you trust that our experienced trading and logistics agents will fulfill your order in a professional and timely manner.

Does Reiter Trading guarantee California LCFS and general EPA RFS feedstock compliance?

Reiter Trading maintains all necessary records relating to LCFS and RFS compliance. Customers can receive quarterly, bi-annual, or annual LCFS feedstock reports upon request.

Is Reiter Trading a brokerage or a true trading house?

Reiter Trading is a cash-backed fat, oil, and grease trading house. We guarantee full payment for your product regardless of the credit quality or default risk associated with various industry trading partners.

What is the difference between a trader and broker of fat, oil, and grease?

A trader finances and takes physical ownership and liability for product sold. Purchasing from or selling to a reputable trader lowers the risk of operations while simultaniously allowing for more prompt cash settlement.

How long does it take to be paid by Reiter Trading?

The terms of payment are determined by your company operating history, history of transactions with Reiter Trading, and general company credit worthiness. Most entities qualify for prompt payment.

What methods of payment are available ?

Reiter Trading settles all trades utilizing FedWire and/or ACH money transfer methods.

Federal Reserve Wire Network, Fedwire is a real-time gross settlement funds transfer system operated by the United States Federal Reserve Banks that enables financial institutions to electronically transfer funds between participants in the most expeditious manner possible. Within the FedWire system, money transfers are nearly instant within banking hours.

ACH is a computer-based clearing and settlement facility established to process the exchange of electronic transactions between participating depository institutions. ACH transfers generally take between 24 and 72 hours to settle depending on the financial institutions involved.

Does Reiter Trading offer credit to buyers?

Credit is available to qualified buyers. Please contact us at 888-428-5617 and ask to speak to the owner regarding the establishment of credit.

Does Reiter Trading purchase HIGH FREE FATTY ACID (FFA) products?

Reiter Trading purchases high free fatty acid fat oil and grease feedstocks from a variety of origins including brown grease, acidulated soapstock, and FFA distillate.

Does Reiter Trading offer products suitable for renewable diesel production? Biodiesel production? Animal feed?

Reiter Trading carefully considers the unique needs of the renewable diesel, biodiesel, and livestock industries so as to only sell appropriate products to appropriate customers.

Our operation has strict feedstock QC requirements; can Reiter cater to these requirements?

We sell to some of the country’s most stringent buyers day in and day out. Let out expertise assist you in gaining access to the premium quality feedstock market.

Does Reiter Trading purchase brown grease?

We purchase various grades of brown grease. Please contact us at 888-428-5617 to discuss the material you have.

Does Reiter Trading purchase yellow grease?

Reiter Trading purchases a variety of yellow grease products. Our technically trained staff will simply ask you a few questions about your product to determine its best use and corresponding value. Third-party testing may be requested to ensure that the best possible purchasing and marketing techniques are employed.

What is the difference between Used Cooking Oil and Yellow Grease?

While some may disagree, we define Used Cooking Oil as a generally lower FFA, lower sulfur, higher Iodine Value (IV) version of yellow grease. By definition, Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is unfit for human consumptions AND is sourced from entities involved in food service or preparation industries.

Is there somewhere I can get help optimizing my Used Cooking Oil and Yellow Grease rendering process?

We sell some of the highest quality oil in the industry because our expert staff takes the time to investigate, diagnose, and solve quality control issues. Our highly trained staff is here to help create and implement lasting solutions to recurring production problems.

Many end users of fats, oils, and greases have questionable balance sheets, does using Reiter Trading ensure that a failure by one of these companies does not result in non-payment?

Our staff carefully gauges and mitigates buyer default risk and gaurantees full payment to all vendors. Worry about running your business, not chasing down payment.

What do I do if I cannot meet a schedule load date?

Please contact us immediately. Adequate notice of a shipping delay is extremely helpful with respect to minimizing or eliminating carrier demurrage charges.

I’m a customer of Reiter Trading and my facility just broke down and my feedstock tanks are full. I’m supposed to receive Reiter product in the near future. What do I do?

Contact us right away. We will begin mitigating the situation immediately so as to minimize the financial impact of your breakdown.

How do I become a Reiter Trading carrier?

We work directly with our carriers and consider them an invaluable part of the business. Please contact the logistics manager at 888-428-5617 Ext. 6 to discuss becoming a carrier for Reiter Trading. Please have your copies of your general liability, and workman’s comp insurance ready to send.

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